Auto Camber Roll Grinding Machine

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Prime Machine tools is Manufacturer of Roll Grinding Machine With Prime's Spirit Of Precision, Perfection and Supeiority, Prime Roll Griding Machine Generally meant for Metalic & non-metalic Rolls of Steel Rolling mills, Foil mills, Rubber roll Industries Work-shop Industries For microns Accurancy.

Salient Features

The Machine Body :

  • The Machine Body is one piece close grained cast iron.
  • Special type design, heavy, rigid & stable.

MachineTable :

  • The Machine table is Special Designed and close Grained cast iron.
  • Machine table complited machined & Ground.

Wheel Head :

  • Special alloy Steel with heat treated, Ground and Lapped Spindlefor high accuracy and long Life.
  • Special design white metal bush bearing for high accuracy and excellent surfece finishing.

Work Head :

  • Special heat treated, Ground & Lapped Spindle runs on Antifriction Bearing.
  • Give High Accuracy & true Running to Spindle.
  • A.C. Drive Provided to get variable Speed of Work- head Spindle/ Work piece for achieving high Production, Good Accuracies & Optimum R.P.M Of work piece can be set.

Tail Head :

  • Speacial Heat treated Ground, Lapped & heavy Duty ram for Achieving High Accuracies.

Hydraulic/Electrical Unit :

  • Hydraulic power pack unit housed out side the machine for easy maintance.
  • All electrical mounted in a concise panel Box centralized control for operators.

Lubrication :

  • Centralize lubrication system provide for efficient and positive accuracy and long life.
  • lubrication of moving parts.

Auto Cambring System ( Optional )

  • Prime machine tools is special designed auto cambering system Generally meant For Steel Rolling Mills, Foil mills, Rubber Industries and Others Industries
  • Prime Machine tools Provide Auto Cambering System by mechanical For easy Operated & highly Accuracies.
  • Cambering on Work-piece is conevex type and also concave type done on Machine.
  • Cambering on Work-piece is Maximum +0.5 And minimum ±0.01 Achieve on Machine


MODEL P.M.T.RG-1250R.G.1500R.G.2000R.G.2500 R.G.3000
Working CapacityGrinding Length1250 mm1500 mm2000 mm2500 mm 3000 mm
Range of Grinding Dia.Ø50-300 mmØ50-400 mmØ50-400 mmØ80-400 mm Ø80-400 mm
-Ø80-700 mmØ100-700 mmØ100-700 mm Ø100-700 mm
Wheel HeadGrinding Wheel500 x 38 x 203660 x 38 x 203660 x 38 x 203660 x 50 x 203 660 x 50 x203
R.P.M..1300105010501050 1050
Work HeadMotorA.C. DriveA.C. DriveA.C. DriveA.C. Drive A.C. Drive
R.P.M.Variable SpeedVariable SpeedVariable SpeedVariable Speed Variable Speed
Electric MotorWheel Head7.5 H.P.10 H.P.10 H.P.15 H.P. 15 H.P.
Work Head1 H.P.1.5 H.P.2 H.P.3 H.P. 3 H.P.
Hydraulic1.5 H.P.2 H.P.2 H.P.3 H.P. 3 H.P.